Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hello Old Friend

After soccer today I wanted to go get some pictures of the river and dam. I laughed at myself thinking I was going to get a picture of the dam about seven miles away, it may be big, but not that big. So I wanted to go look and see what I could see. We parked at the low water dam, got out and this is what I saw. A dog swimming in the water. Now mind you we have had tons of rain and the current is pretty swift in the river. It scared me to see this dog just swimming around. I saw a man sitting on a rock by the river edge talking on his cell phone so I just watched the dog. Shortly the dog swam to his owner and gave out a bark. I am sure he was saying, Boss, someone is up there watching us, just wanted to let you know. The man got off his phone and just sat there. I hollered down to him, hey, can I take some pictures of your dog? Sure he says, that would be fine.

This dog, a black lab, comes out of the water as if to meet/greet me, but he was also between me and the man. He was told to watch and the dog turned to strike me a pose of him watching what could be in the river. I said something to the man and he replied, I don't remember the conversation really.
My son has a black lab and we talked for just a minute when I turned to my husband and said quietly, man he sounds just like Rob (my brother). As I turned back around, I have walked closer to the man and dog when he looks up at me and says....LISA??????
I looked again, and it is a cousin from my previous marriage whom I have not seen in YEARS. Todd I yell, and ran and gave him one big hug. My husband is just standing there with his mouth opened. I can not believe after being gone for 30 years, divorced for 15 years, I run into one of my favorite cousins from my ex-husbands side of the family. Todd's mother passed away on Christmas Eve many years ago, his dad remarried and Todd, divorced raising three children alone moved into his parents old house. He himself never remarried, made his children his life and spends his spare time at the river with Reno, man's best friend.
Sure is good to see you again my friend. Take good care of yourself and that dog! By the way, Happy Birthday, hope it was a good one.


Daily Muse said...

Sweet post! Isn't it great to run into old friends?!!

Jessica said...

That last picture is awesome.