Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Brothers Wife (& Kids)

I love these kids! This is my niece and nephew ages 5 and 9.

(almost 6 and 10!)

They were allowing me to take their pictures for two hours this day.

They never fussed at me, did everything I asked and I love them for it.

These first pictures were taken at the very end and I have to tell you the story behind it.

"Ok kids, walk away from me so I can get a shot of you holding hands."

Not too bad, one tall, one short, one walks fast, one walks slow, uh oh, I see a problem.

Slow down, no you speed up!

And then the arm jerk!

Stop it and slow down now! (Stomp!)

Uh, did anyone see me do that?

I wonder if mom or Aunt Lisa was watching. I stomped on your foot, ha ha ha! And I didn't get in trou...

Mom yells," you two stop it, no fighting! "
And keep your hands off of each other!
Ok, not a problem!

Head butting works!

Oh we are silly aren't we?
I love these kids!!!!

I am looking for volunteers to let me take their family pictures.

I need the practice and would love the chance. Leave me a comment if you would be willing to let me photograph your family (at no charge, if you pay for the prints)

Tulsa area ONLY!

The rest of these pictures are of the kids and Steph. I am not going to write about all of them I just hope you will look at them and enjoy them. I think you can click on them to enlarge them. Maybe, hopefully, if you want or need to. I really had a good time. Please tell me some of your favorites, I just like to know what people think about them. Of course I have my favorites, Steph has hers and the kids have theirs. Knowing their personalities help to like certain ones over the others, but just looking I would like to know what you like! Thanks and enjoy.

* I did not pose his hand on his sisters arm. I thought this was sure sweet. *

This shot explains how Trent and most men feel about taking pictures...ewe gag me!

He got sick of all the mushy shots I made him take. (But he never complained!)

If you are interested in letting me take your family photo we need to do it fairly quickly if we go to this site. Before the flowers start fading. I would be happy to go to other sites if they are not too far away. Think of some neat places and suggest them to me. I would be delighted to have this opportunity.


We are THAT Family said...

You did an amazing job. Seriously. I love the ones you edited where the flowers look a little faded and your nephew on the skateboard. That looks like an ad!

Jessica said...

You did a great job. Way to go.

Eckmama said...

Okay this may take me several comments to remember them all--

My favorites are "I stomped on your foot and didn't get in trouble" and the one right after it where Mom yells for them to keep their hands off each other.

Um, there's one of him on his skateboard and one of him with his skateboard that I really liked. Mom and daughter on the rail with that big red tree behind (cropped in a little so you can see their faces better). Hm. Yep, I've got to look again.

Eckmama said...

Okay I wrote them down. I like the color AND b/w with him standing up w/skateboard. Mother and son. The mother/daughter I mentioned before is the 2nd one. Son on bench w/helmet in lap and skateboard propped next to him. 1st one of daughter in front of yellow flowers. 2nd one of daughter in front of pink flowers (with animals). There are a couple I'd crop in a little, and a couple I'd boost the contrast on, but otherwise I think they're great! I hope you get some interested clients--I'd sure let you practice on my kids if we lived closer. Awesome job Lisa!

Debbie in NC said...

And why do I have to choose cause they are all absolutely perfect? I love the ones with them all together of course :)

At first it was the one by the pole and then it was the one with the grass and flowers in background toward the end.

And the stomped your foot and did Mom see!

Thinking, if Todd and I posed together could you photoshop the wrinkles and bags and take 15 lbs. off and make me look his age????

Pam said...

I clicked over from Memawbakes... very nice job on your photos. I was just looking around your blog and found these. I also do photography so I enjoy seeing others who do as well.