Friday, April 11, 2008

Tiny Bubbles

Biting Tiny Bubbles
OK, I have been neglecting my dogs the last three days. With teaching at a school 20 minutes away I have to get up and get gone fairly early. Well, early for me since I AM RETIRED you know. Last night I came home and left about an hour later to go to my photography class. The day before I came home and went to bed by 6:00 under the influence of muscle relaxers. Tonight, I came home and feel pretty good, no where to go, and what do I do??? Sit down at the computer. When my dogs want my attention they literally come punch me in the backside to try and get me out of the chair. So tonight when they were doing that I knew they had been neglected for too long.
We have found the new toy we bought for Caleb our grandson, works really good for exercising the dogs. Even Zoe, my old momma dog loves to chase the bubbles.
Can you tell how much air Rudy has gotten while chasing this bubble? He is really up there.
Not to be out done, Callie jumps after her bubble as well.
But look at this one...Callie has her face right up there in the bubble.
Lastly, just look at the intense feelings Zoe has for the bubbles.
Old dog new trick? No, just an old dog teaching the pups a new trick.
Bubbles keep us all feeling young.
Tiny Bubbles!


We are THAT Family said...

That is adorable! What great looking dogs you have. My toddler adores bubbles. I carry tiny bottles in my purse and diaper bag for 'those moments' in public when she needs to be distracted. Works like a charm.

Debbie in NC said...

I have had dogs my entire life and not once have I ever thought of doing this! How cool!!

When I manage to afford to get another loveable pet, I will do this for sure :)

Shirley said...

That looks like fun exercise for the dogs. Only thing is, I'm the one who needs the exercise around here. Maybe I can find someone to blow some bubbles for me.

TT said...

Our dogs love the bubbles, too! They're too funny trying to eat them up. Totally off the subject, but something I think is so funny - when Durga wants to come inside, she sings at the door. No barking, just singing. Right by the back door. I imagine the first time it happened she got so much attention because we thought it was so sweet, she just kept it up. Funny girl.