Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Pretty Day

Our Day At The Park!
Well since I had the kids for the day I decided we needed to do some fun things to keep them occupied. You will notice there is only one person in the pictures!!! I am pretty smart, I farmed the other kid out to hard manual labor! He spent the day helping Uncle Scott load and unload nearly 4 tons of gravel to fill in a drainage ditch that we are fixing into a creek like setting. I failed to take pictures of that endeavor. But little miss and I went to the park. This is after we went to the state beauty supply store ( I have a card to get in thank you very much !) and I was able to get my daughter her expensive shampoo at a much better price. Thank goodness for hairdressers in the family. But while we were there the tears started flowing again. As you might remember Monday the rabbit died. If that were to happen at my house I guarantee you there would be a flood of tears. but since this was at my sil's house and the rabbit was a real rabbit, baby rabbit, the tears flowed but for different reasons! So while we were at the store she started crying about the rabbit and that was hard to explain to the cashier.
But we also went to the post office. The man was nice, but good grief he talked more than any old woman at the beauty shop! I'll tell you what, men just can't say anything about us women! He went on for EVER about stamps that never go up in price, gave me a hard time and treated me like I was dumb and good thing he doesn't know what I used to do for a living, I would be tempted to arrest him for disturbing the peace....MINE. Oh, that's right, I am retired, thank goodness and lucky for him. So we got that done.
Then we went to the park and played for a while. I should have listened to her and gone sooner for it was starting to get pretty hot. And plus she had no one to play with. Boring for her, I had a blast taking about 100 pictures of her. She is a mess, one silly little rascal, and cute as she can be.
After we played at the park we decided it was high time to wash my nasty dirty car. It had bird poop on it and it was disgusting. We have a nest of barn swallows under the car port like thing. I can't spell the word that I am trying to say and it does not come up in spell check so that should tell you how far off I am or the word is not one recognized in this dictionary! Anyway, the birds flying in and out of the nest tend to leave me a little present that I do not like and it needed to be washed. I can not bear the thought of getting rid of the nest for the birds are nearly grown and will be gone soon. They are good birds to have for they eat tons of bug! I love those kinds of birds even if they do poop on my car. Oh, and the car wash had multi colored soap. It was very pretty and I am suppose to tell her momma where we washed the car so they can come and do it too. It was a rainbow of colors and it was super fun to watch the machine wash the car. You didn't think I was going to wash it myself did you? Are you crazy? I had a 5 1/2 year old in the car with me, no way.
Then we went to eat Mexican food. Oh yes, I knew I loved this girl for a reason. She LOVES Mexican food and so do I. We called Uncle Scott and asked if the guys wanted to join us and he said YES. He loves Mexican food too. But somebody else does not like it. Oh well, he can order something else, the vote is 3 to1 and plus...I am paying for it, so there. Mexican it is. And boy was it good.
When we got home from all of our adventures I was informed there were tons of shells in all the gravel they brought in. So we spent the next hour digging in the river rock gravel for all the little sea shells? I don't know what kind of shells they were, but she had to have them, all of them, well at least she tried to get all of them. The kids had a great time. Their dad had called earlier in the day and said they could come home if they wanted to for he was there and was working outside in the yard. I asked them if they wanted to go and they both said NO WAY. Fine with me, the labor was pretty cheap and the company was great fun.

There were no more tears until mom came to pick them up and then the rabbit issue came up once again. I told them they could not cry at my house about the rabbit (because it makes me cry too) so that was off limits. I confessed to their momma I allowed them to stay up late, and eat cookies after 10:00. We will see if I am ever asked to watch the kids again, I bet I am. The kids love me!


We are THAT Family said...

What fun! And all the sand-you are good. I have a sand phobia! But that's what fun Aunts are for. My kids adore my sister. She taught my one year old how to lick her finger and dip it into sugar packets yesterday at lunch. I nearly died!

Memaw's memories said...

What an absolute perfect day. Bet you didn't have to be rocked to sleep last night.

I think all kids should have someone who lets them break the bedtime rules now and then.

And there's nothing wrong with a little snack after 10. I kinda like those myself.

Amy said...

She is really cute!

We spent the afternoon at the park too. The kids played, and I just soaked up the sun!

Debbie in NC said...

Still laughing at arresting him for disturbing YOUR peace! LOL

I don't know where I've been...I have missed like 4 of your posts! How in the heck did that happen?

You are one busy lady! On the rare occasions I go to car wash, I have noticed the colored soap. You are so lucky to have a little buddy run errands with you!