Sunday, October 26, 2008

What I have been doing!

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

Friday was my dad's 73rd birthday.

He got up early to take my mom to the hospital to have some test run on his birthday.

So they just hung out in Tulsa for a while afterwards till time for lunch.

I asked if I could come over and take his picture at the park.
It was sooo cold.
But dad is such a willing spirit.
I love my dad.
Happy Birthday dad.
I then took him to lunch!

Saturday starts with Soccer!
The Bears!
with attitude!!!
Saturday morning I got up at 5:30 to take soccer pictures!!!
The fog was so heavy I was not sure they could even play.

So after the game the parents were willing to hang around and let me
take both team and individual pictures.
These two boys are twins and have not had their picture taken together
since preschool. Well today that changed.
Aren't they cute?
This boy wears glasses and they are dark.
I could not believe how pretty his eyes were and I had to get a picture of them.

Another cutie pie. One of my favorite boys.
I taught his class a couple times last year for my sil.

And this one....I love his freckles.
He is a very talented soccer player
and not too bad lookin' either.
Ok, I know you all get tired of nothing but pictures,
but that is what my life is all about right now.
Tomorrow I am doing a mother daughter,
can't wait, I just love taking pictures.


Homesteader in Training said...

I can't believe my dad is older than your Dad lol. Mine will be 77 next year. The downfall of being the youngest I guess. I'll never have as many years with my parents as everyone else.*sigh*. Your pictures were wonderful.
Hugs to you.

Tonjia said...

Lisa, I love the 2nd pic of your dad, frame that one for sure! And the last one, where he is walking away from you caught my attention too..

the boys are adorable! love those freckles

I never get tired of pictures.

Just Joni said...

I love your pictures...all of them, they never get's fun watching you grow in your passion for photography. The pictures of your dad are priceless and I bet the soccer team parents were grateful for your ambition...they ALL turned out great!

Our little Shutterbug's a joy for me that you share what you see through a lens...truly!

Sage said...

Lisa, Your pictures of your dad are wonderful. I lost my dad when he was only 68, much to soon for me, so I really appreciate those photos. He looks like a wonderful man, and I'm sure you love him so much. Please tell him happy birthday from your Minnesota friend.

Blessings on your week.

PS: I went to take a picture of the snow today and my camera wouldn't work again. Bummer.

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

All cute! I should get some pics of my Dad. Mine will be 78 in December (and I am the oldest!).

Putz said...

love it, my dad died this year april 89, so glad you could have a b=day bash with your dad

Employee No. 3699 said...

Great photographs! Happy Birthday to your dad.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of Uncle Bob! I am glad you had the opportunity to shoot him (lol, just kidding Uncle Bob!). They will be FOREVER MEMORIES! You are such a great photog!
Love, Jillian