Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's Official for Miss Shae

Happy Re-Birth Day Shae
October 29, 2008

Every one waiting outside the courtroom for the hearing to start.
There is sister, Mi-Mi, Momma, Daddy and of course Shae
Momma (and Shae) have to testify before the judge.
She has to promise to take good care of the baby...forever.
Then daddy tells the court that he too will take good care of
his new little girl.

The judge finds no reason to deny Shae her new parents
and he gladly signs the paper.

Yep, right there, he signs it making it all REALLY official.

And just to make sure it is done right, Shae goes to

watch and to give the gavel the famous pounding.

Hummm, maybe she will become a judge someday.
She can you know!

This Judge was one of the nicest men I have met in a long time.

He not only accommodated us with pictures, he encouraged it.

He really loves his job, you can see the joy in his eyes,

he will tell you he LOVES this part of his job.

The handing off of the baby to her new parents.

Momma, Daddy and the judge all so happy to see

that Shae is HOME with lots of love, hugs and kisses.

This picture has the attorney (she did a great job as well!)

the whole family, Mimi and the judge all smiles.

A cute picture with the lady that made it all happen.

Shae and her big sister Sarah.

We had to get a picture of Shae giving HER testimony in the chair.

She didn't really have much to say....

I LOVE YOU was enough.

It's Official, welcome into the family

Miss Shae,

Your family loves you very much.


Eckmama said...

Lisa these are AWESOME!!! How perfect, and what an incredible day! Perfect pictures, perfect judge, amazing new family! I'm so totally impressed!!!!! You had nothing to worry about. I knew you'd do great. : ) VERY proud of you Lisa!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

These pictures turned out wonderful! What special memories to capture! And what a wonderful Judge - brought a tear to my eye to see that.

That pic of Shae with the gavel is so cute! You can be very proud of these pics - the family will treasure them always.

Homesteader in Training said...

Oh how wonderful! I was adopted as well and it holds a special place in my heart. I am so excited for that precious little one. God bless you all.

We are THAT Family said...


Mental P Mama said...

Lisa, you did an amazing job with these. I am covered in chills right now.

Employee No. 3699 said...

You did an absolutely great job; you should be proud of yourself.

Congrats to Shae's new parents!

Sage said...

Well, for someone who had no idea of what pictures to take, you sure came up with a bunch! Good job. Adoption is such a wonderful thing, and I'm glad you got it all documented.

Just thinking: going to court has many different meanings for many different people. I'm guessing that my daughter who is going to court next week for her disorderly conduct charge and hopefully sentencing to alcohol treatment, would much rather be back in the courtroom of 25 years ago when we adopted her!

Just Joni said...

Shae will look back on these pictures someday and they will make her smile...a new beginning full of love and you've captured it ALL so well!

Congratulations to the entire family...what a blessing!

Memaw's memories said...

Congrats to the new parents. And congrats to you. The pictures are great.

What a fortunate little girl and what a fantastic family.

Anonymous said...

Huge thanks for taking great pictures and commemorating Shae's milestones in every aspect! Thanks for all you've done for us.
Hugs from Shae's Mom & Dad

Tonjia said...

what a lucky little girl!! She is going to be showered with love, I can tell.

Congrats to Shae and the happy family.

claudia said...

I can only say how beautiful this all is...Shae, her new family, the judge, the attorney, your pictures...all just beautiful!

bernthis said...

OMG- Congratulations. That is amazing. Job well done.