Sunday, October 19, 2008

Allie's 1st Birthday

Happy First Birthday Allie Marie!!!
and may there be many more!

Oh she loves her daddy, here daddy, you take a bite. (Even though momma did all the work. )

Here is the other princess of the home....isn't she lovely??? (except for the 5:00 shadow!)
Aunt Jenny helped grandma clean up the little princess after eating cake.
But I had to stop so I could take these pictures!!!
But this is usually the face she gets...a big cry from Allie, today is no different.

Let's play out side for a little while OK?
That is the new dolly from grandma and grandpa.
A new chair for the little princess.
The chair is from Aunt Lisa and Uncle Timmy,
she loves it. "Brother, get out of MY chair!"
Her new throne!
Momma--(Sarah) made her tutu, everyone thought it was cute.
Sarah is very crafty like HER mother was and can make
almost anything. She is VERY talented. She made the bow,
the tutu, her diaper bag, oh my the list can just keep going...blanket,
outfits....get my point? And she doesn't need a pattern either!
Allie was sure in a good mood. Every one had a good time


We are THAT Family said...

There's nothing like first birthdays! She's adorable!

Homesteader in Training said...

Oh she is completely kissable. I love the tu tu lol. Looks like a great time.
Blessings my friend.

Mental P Mama said...

How adorable is she??? So precious.

claudia said...

So cute! What a happy girl, except at the sink! LOL
Love the tutu, my girls would never wear anything like that, so I missed out, maybe the grand daughters..if I ever get any!

Just Joni said...

and the little princess is adorable! Ah, to be able to stop time for just a bit...they grow up so fast...Happy Birthday Allie.

Sage said...

Oh, a pink princess birthday party! What fun! She sure is a cutie. Love that tutu with the pink bow in her hair.

We're back from our camping weekend. Camera not working so not much for pictures. My daughter posted a few, check her out. I'll post a blog later today.

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

So precious! Looks like a very fun time!

Tonjia said...

Oh what a beautiful birthday girl! She is such a happy baby, I love her smile...

Memaw's memories said...

I love the tutu and the wands. What a beautiful little princess she is.

Happy birthday Allie.

Caution Flag said...

Love that last pix! I wanted to thank you for a comment you sent to me a few days ago about the bully trouble we're having. You said something about not blaming myself if my child has no confidence. Thank-you. Thank-you. I really, really needed to hear that. The school isn't much help - actually made things worse. We're trying some different avenues now (lots of them actually!) We're making progress with the trouble. --little, tiny baby steps.

P.S. My daughter loved DARE and now our second child is in it and loves it. It really is a fantastic program.

Anonymous said...

How absolutely precious! I so wished I would have learned to sew! Think of all the things we could do!! Love you!