Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Catch Up

Look at This!
Lisa at Stop and Smell the Chocolate gave me this award. Isn't it a really sweet one? And she is sweet too. She does chocolate Friday, she had a pumpkin week, and I am trying to talk her into a soup week here pretty soon. So go see what she has to offer because like so many bloggers, every one enjoys new visitors.

Lisa says that with this award you have to answer these following questions. No big deal for me, I love sharing and I hope you all enjoy getting to know one another as much as I do.

Friendship questioner:
1. Do you have the same friends since childhood? Some, one was my maid of honor,Melinda. We don't see each other very often, and don't talk very often, but she will always be very special to me, my life and my memories.

2. What do you value most about your friends? Friends are just those people that love you no matter what happens, or what stupid blunder you might do. You can go without talking for long periods of time and pick it right back up where you left off, just as if it were yesterday. Friends know your heart.

3. Are your friends your sounding boards? ABSOLUTELY.....without a doubt.

4. What is your favorite activity to share with your friends? So many of my friends live far away, but one lives close and she is not only a friend but my cousin. The best thing we do is talk talk talk, and of course we can go eat, go drive around, just hang out. We can do nothing, or do something, it just doesn't matter to us. But my favorite friend thing to do is play cards. I am planning a girls weekend and we are going to do nothing but play cards, eat, laugh, and have fun.

I have grown very close to people in the blogging world which I find amazing. I consider myself a very guarded person, never likes to give out too much for I have been a cop over 21 years. I know not to do to much on the Internet. Yet I find putting myself out there day after day, week after week, and would welcome so many of these people in my home without a second thought.

I enjoy all the people that come over to read, but I have established a close bond with a few. Probably due to age, or things we share in common. So I thought since I was selected by such a sweet person, I needed to continue the friendship award. I really am not big on this because I fear people getting their feelings hurt. Sounds so high school doesn't it? But here is a few of my longest, and closest blogger friends. So I hope they would like to have this little acknowledgement for our friendship and not only accept it, but share it with others as well. We all like to be noticed and made to feel appreciated. Here's to you girls !!!!
1. Memaw Bake's Memories
2. Gettin' It Outta My Head
3. Shays Mom
4. Morning Coffee
5. Road Sage
6. Around the Funny Farm
7. One Step Forward

These along with a few others that have already gotten this award, who read mine regularly, you have become very special people to me ....Homesteader Heart, Mental P Momma, We are THAT family, The Park's Wife, and Life with the Kelly's, all these people and the above listed people are ones that I would truly miss if they quit blogging. Oh and of course Lisa who gave this award to me in the first place. And when life gets busy and we are not able to connect I miss each and every one. I find so many of these people are just fascinating. It is amazing how many followers read these different blogs. How Mental P Momma finds all the things she does to write about. And you have to read We are THAT family. She is the most awesome blogger I have met/read. Such a strong Christan lady with three children, such a funny and creative person. Every Saturday she has a Do It Yourself project that is better than anything you would read in a magazine. I am just amazed at all the difference we have, yet are able to be friends, share our ideas and our lives, and we have never met. Life if pretty amazing isn't it?


I was tagged by Kim at Homesteaders Heart and since I don't have anything better to do, and since I am ALWAYS at the computer (not really but close) I have decided to do it.

.The rules say that I list 5 things about these 5 things that are about me. And, then I have to "tag" 5 people. So, here it is folks....The Five Tag

10 Years Ago :
I had long brown hair and was thin.
I had been married for nearly 3 years to a firefighter.
I lived on a little street called "Mayberry" and I loved it.
I had worked as a police officer for 12 or 13 years.
And one of my dearest friends was still alive.

5 Things on Today's "To-Do" List:
Go out to eat lunch with my parents.
Edit pictures
Go to Tulsa and order pictures from camera shop.
Watch tv from the DVR to get some shows erased.
Relax, I don't have class, or grandkids, or anything that I HAVE TO DO.

5 Snacks I Enjoy:
Pop Corn!!!
Raw Cookie dough
Chips and Salsa

5 Things I would do If I were a millionaire:

I would take my parents, and family on the vacation of a life time.
I would set up retirement funds for my kids and grandkids
I would buy a bigger home and start my photography business out of it.
I would have foster children
I would set up a fund to help others in need, but it would be very selective, not just the average person looking for help. I would want to do something and never be found out as being the person doing it.

5 Places I have lived:
Sand Springs, OK
Enid, OK
Sapulpa, OK
On the phone/computer

5 Jobs that I have had (or still have today in some cases)

Rode and trained Quarter Horse race horses (short lived career!)
Worked for Dr. Gasaway DVM in college
Sold Tupperware (manager)
Taught criminal justice at Northern Oklahoma College
Enid Police officer

Okay now I have to tag 5 people.

It can be anyone that wants to do it. Since I don't have a big following I don't feel right tagging people to do this. But I would love Debbie, Michelle, Marge, Tonjia, and Joni. But I fear Debbie is really busy with work and life right now, Michelle has her daughter home and is getting ready to be busy with her, Marge might be planning another camping trip, who knows with her and that new bicycle, Tonjia works her backside off and Joni is in school. So I have selected the five busiest people that I probably know, not the smartest thing for me to do. But no body said you had to be smart to do this and I have just proven that fact.


Homesteader in Training said...

I was going to give you that award too but saw Lisa had lol. You got your award and your tag behind you, phew, what are you going to do with the rest of your day my friend? Just messing with you. Have a GREAT day!

BrighterThanSunshine said...

Sure! That would be great! :o)

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Very nice! I enjoyed reading it all. And I am with you on the cookie dough. :)

Sage said...

Lisa, you were right! I'm going camping and biking! We're going with a couple of siblings, a daughter and 4 grandkids......it doesn't get any better than that! So, I'll get to this all next week, okay?

Bless on the remainder of the week and the weekend. I'll talk with you on Monday. ~marge

Sage said...

Please read that as "blessings"

Mental P Mama said...

You are certainly all caught up! Very impressive, indeed;)

Tonjia said...

Thanks for the award my friend! Have a wonderful day...

AirmanMom said...

Congrats on the award!
Outstanding acceptance :)

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Just Joni said...

Looky there, I go MIA and return to sweet little surprises...thanks for the honor...I'll try to get around to these very soon...I enjoyed reading through all of your tidbits...there's always something new to learn!

Michelle said...

Ok, Ok, Ok.....I will get to this tonight. I promise. Time just gets away from me really fast. I have been so busy at work and then I get home and am too tired to get on the confuser.

Hope you are doing well.

Debbie said...

Oh you sweetie! This is so nice and thoughtful of you. The feeling is mutual and I sure enjoy our talks, when we have the time!

Thank you so much and I will pass on the award proudly! (Unless you've passed to most of them already LOL)

BWHAAAAA at "lived on phone and computer"!!!! LOL