Thursday, December 27, 2007

Here She Is

Here She Is
Allie Marie

Sarah, Caleb and Allie arrived in Tulsa today. It has been a very long day for Sarah starting at 3:30 this morning but she made it safe and sound. Now this trip will not be repeated for at least the next three years. They will be stationed in Stillwater if all goes as planned. I did not get any really good pictures of the baby by herself, so this will have to do until tomorrow when I plan on breaking out the good camera and getting started on filling my brag book that is empty at this time.

Of course Allie and Callie are going to be best friends. Callie became very possessive of her soon after her arrival. She finally was able to get up on the sofa with her and I wanted some pictures. Zoe was the exact same way when Caleb first came home so I expected nothing less of Callie and Rudy. I was not disappointed.

Rudy could not wait for Callie to get down off the sofa so he could have a peak at the new bundle. He was very interested in Allie.
Look how big he is next to her, or rather should I say, look how small she looks next to him. She is ten pounds, so she is not very big. But I will tell you, she is a very pretty baby in real life. I will have them here for the next four days so I hope to be able to post lots of pictures of the kids. I have some of Caleb cleaning out the fireplace tonight for us to build a fire. We roasted marshmellows!!!! It has been a very nice day. ps, guess where the kids are sleeping tonight????

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Anonymous said...

Those babies will be right next to you this evening! Sounds like you all had a great evening. I know you are so happy to have the grandbabies for a visit.

Love always! Jill