Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Really Good Day

Greetings and once again happy holidays. Has anyone started getting the bah-humbug syndrome yet? Well I can honestly say I have not. In fact yesterday was one of the best days I have had in ages. Let me tell you the story....

First Scott got up early to go help my parents with the laying of new carpet in their house. No, they are not doing it, but having it done. My dad was gone hunting (remember those man things we talked about earlier?) and left mom home all alone. You see it just happened the carpet people could get mom's carpet done that day if she wanted it before Christmas. That was a no brainer. Dad's trip was already planned and paid for insuring he had to miss out on the whole experience. (way to go dad!) So Scott was going to be there for safety reasons. Come to find out there had been a double fatality in the area and the electricity was out. So another reason for Scott to go. He had a generator and could get the lights up and running so the guys could get the job done. All this to say, the dogs crawled in bed with me and we slept late after Scott left!!!!! That was the start of my very good day. After sleeping in and finally getting up, I made my way to the computer room. I had an email from a former high school DARE student that I have kept up with for years. I had not heard from him in about a year and was starting to get a little worried. I had taught his wife as well and had met his children. Brandon is in the military and once again is in Iraq. HE EMAILED ME TO SAY HELLO!!!! It brought tears to my eyes. It was soooo good to hear from him. He is one of the neatest young people I had worked with and always liked him. Oh man, I so far am having a very good day.
I went through the mail that had been piling up, got some stuff cleaned up, did a little laundry, watched tv, so far it just had been a really good day. I had decided to do a few more Christmas projects, I can't say a whole lot about it for I do not know who all reads this. But something that is really, really important to me was able to be accomplished by Christmas. So I dedicded to order some for all my family. I think it will be a great Christmas. But before I can order this I have to get to Tulsa and give them the items needed. Well I had gotten my shower earlier, I fixed my hair, well combed it at least, went outside and the weather was BEAUTIFUL. Oh yes, a really good day to be out. I needed to mail my Christmas cards to the grandkids and a couple other things, I needed stamps for my future Christmas cards so I went to the post office. My first time going there. I found a parking place, went in and waited my turn and got everything done in such a nice timely fashion. I bought some really cute stamps for the Christmas cards and that was exciting. Never have done that before. This is a really good day.
Now I am headed to 71st and Lewis. I do not know where that is, but I have a map in the car. Oh I see, no big deal. I am already in Sapulpa so instead of driving back north and getting across the river I will just drive out east of Sapulpa on highway 117. I actually know what I am talking about. And it was sooooo easy. Left at McDonalds and straight to Highwas 75, north to 71st street and right to Lewis. That was no big deal. I was afriad I was going to be really far south and it would be a long trip and I just didn't know if I really wanted to do it. Silly me. I stopped and got gas (remember it is a beautiful day) got 22.7 miles to the gallon, not great but not bad for all in town driving. I head out to my destination and found it with NO PROBLEM. Oh my, so far this is a really good day. I go inside and place my order after talking with the salesman who assures me this can be done and be done by Christmas. I sure hope everyone will be as excited as I am at Christmas when they get this.
Now I had better run by Hobby Lobby and pick up this Policeman shadowbox that I wanted for Christmas. I will pick it up for my mother and she will give it back to me for Christmas. I hate knowing what I am getting for Christmas, but we have tried and tried to get this shadowbox for other a year and never have seen it. But my cousin found it for me and had them save one (the only one) back for me. I find Hobby Lobby with no problem, well that is after calling mom and telling her what I am doing and asking her where the store is located. I drove right to it. And it was a couple or three miles away. I found the store, they still had the box back for me and I paid for it. It was that simple. And half off too. It was a little more than I wanted and it was not nearly as cute as the fireman shadowbox that I bought for Scott last year, but it is cute. That's cool. Now I need to go to the grocery store.
I go back the same way I came to Tulsa, enjoy that drive, need to remember it is really easy for future reference. Got to Reecer's made a deposit at the bank located inside (Chris is cute and friendly, but I missed seeing Lisa who usually waits on me.) and started shopping. I found everything I needed and then some. So I have holiday treats to make and junk food to eat. Yes, it is a really good day. I get home unload the groceries and everything is just going great. I get a call from Caleb saying thank you for his Christmas present (we wanted him to open it early since they are moving around Christmas time). Then of all things Caleb and I were talking about Magnetix Dinosaurs and he got so excited. That's it, if that kid finally gets excited about something then grandma is going to get it. Now here it is starting to get late at night, shipping and handling is too expensive and not guarenteed to get here by Christmas but Target has some instore. Ok, off to the store I go. It is dark out, I don't know my way that well, Scott is riding shotgun, we find Target and they have the toys. I grabbed all three that they have do the rest of my shopping for Christmas, all except for my dirty Sants gift and there was hardly anyone there. Oh my goodness, it was a really good day.

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