Friday, December 7, 2007

Our Sapulpa Home

Our New Home in Sapulpa

This is our new little home in Sapulpa. We really do like it, for several reasons. First I think it is cute!! Second it is only a half mile from my cousin's house. She actually found the house for us. The area is just so nice and close to many things. We are about a mile from Sahoma and Pretty Water Lakes, we are two miles from the turnpike for ease of driving to anywhere, we are a few miles from Tulsa and just a few miles from Sapulpa. This house is located in just a perfect place for us. You hear nothing down here at our house. It is sooooo quiet. Might be due to all the trees.

This is the back yard, well part of it. It is actually an acre of land fenced off for the dogs, or kids depending on what we have at the time. (Actually my dogs are my kids!) There is plenty of room to run and play, room to explore, and plenty of trees to have shade. Most of the trees are all trimmed up so no low branches for climbing. I think that is good. We might have to build a tree house later.

This is the front yard looking to the south. We have a ravine running through it and I love the way it looks. In this area there are lots of trees, and rocks. Sure makes for a beautiful scene every where you look.
More of the front yard, this time you are looking towards the East. You can see a little of the our driveway, we have a circular drive, and it heads to the street (cul-de-sac). There is a house over there, and another one to the north east back in the trees. one other house sits south of us but you just can't see them except winter time when the leaves are off the trees. You can hear kids play once in a while. You might hear dogs bark once in a while. And you will see deer walking through, then you really hear dogs barking, MINE. And of course where they are oak trees, you have tons of squirrels. then you hear the dogs bark, MINE AGAIN. But all in all, this little house is just cute as can be. It is laid out very nice and I love the location so much. I just wish I did not have so much "stuff" to put in this small home. Garage sale this spring!


Eckmama said...

Very pretty! I love your YARD! Yes, endless picture possibilities...oh and play space, and garden potential...wait, wait, I need to fix my own house before I start daydreaming about yours! haha!

Lisa J said...

We have a big garden spot already fenced off, and a dog pen fenced next too it. Well dogs don't stay in a pen so it too will become a garden spot. Can't wait. And the play area is awesome. It even came with a very nice swing set. It is set in concrete so they couldn't move it...ha ha ha.