Friday, December 7, 2007

Busy but Fun Week

Lunch with an old Friend

This week has been very busy. Today we ate lunch with a friend of ours from Enid. He drives a truck for Atwoods (in case you can not read it on the truck) which is a farm and ranch store very popular in Oklahoma. (and Texas too Cara!) So he parked on the side of the road to eat with us.

When Mike called he said he was in Broken Arrow headed home and had no more hauls for the day. Did I want to meet for lunch. That was cool. Had not seen Mike in a very long time. We used to eat at Long John Silver in Enid when Mikes wife was not eating with him. She did not care to eat there I think so I would go with him. It was a standing joke between the three of us. So we ate there again for old times sake!!! And guess who called while we were eating???????

Mike and I have been friends for years at the police department. Do we really look like two old retired cops??? Not really huh? You know what else we have in common??? We both are glad to not be working there any more!!!! He drives for Ryder and I stay at home. We are both very happy. It was great seeing him. Can you believe he used to write more tickets than you can shake a stick at, and now he dodges the tickets.

Sunday Night with Steph and the kids.

Sunday night we went with Steph, Trent and Tori to a walk through trip to Bethlehem. It was well put together and interesting. It was cold that night so after the 30 minute journey we went inside for apple cider and to look at the animals. Tori loved the bird, he was very entertaining.

Potato Soup and Family

I had been promising Uncle Jerry to return his cake pan for over a month. He had made me a banana cake (the best!) and even my dad had one for his birthday and I was to return both pans. I keep forgetting!!! Even sat them by the door, by my purse, still forgot. So this time I put the cake pans in the car and told them I would bring soup and the pans.

We all had soup and salad that day. Good food and good company. It was a very nice day. The soup turned out wonderful. Baked potato soup, my favorite!!

Aunt Peggy had put together a puzzle. She had hip replacement surgery about six weeks ago so puzzle time was a must. This is a beautiful puzzle and she was giving it to my mother. I told her we were headed out to the house if she wanted me to take it to mom. It is only sitting on the white board so we decided to wrap it with cling wrap. That way it does not blow/fall off that board and I have to try and put it back together. No thank you.

It has been a busy week, one of the best weeks I have had. I love my family and friends and I love not working so I can do these things.

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