Monday, December 31, 2007

I Just Can't Get Enough

When I look at her, I just want to eat her up. I think she is so pretty and sweet.
She already has grandma and grandpa wrapped around her little finger.

This is pretty much how she wakes up every time, all smiles. You have to love that.

Grandpa did not get to hold her very much, but when he did I think he was fairly proud of her.

Of course I am proud of her, and I did hold her a lot. That is what grandma's are for. That is in my job discription, I saw it. In bold print.

She is happy being held the most. She will sit in her chair for a while, but she would rather be with you and being held. I like that. Got tired, but liked it a lot. Didn't get much done around here, but I still like it.
Ok, here is part of the story. Sarah and Chris are moving to Stillwater and she wanted to move Caleb to school in Oklahoma to save money while living with her in-laws. So Chris will stay in Washington for a few more weeks, but he will be deployed and have to do some ship duty stuff I don't understand. Then he will fly to Florida and go to school for awhile to learn the recruitment side. About June he will be assigned to Stillwater to recruit for about three if not 4 years. So we flew Sarah and the kids to Tulsa, and flew Scott to Seattle and while the kids stayed here with me, Scott and Chris drove the vehicles back to Oklahoma. I guess Chris won't need one while he is still there nor will he need one in Florida. So they will park his truck at his parents and Sarah will have her vehicle there with the kids. Scott said the drive back was pretty rough. They went through some bad weather and drove pretty hard to get back home. The first day after Scott got off the plane (an hour and half late due to bad weather in Denver) he got lost trying to catch up with Chris at McDonalds!!!! After they found each other they only drove 140 miles and stopped for the night. The next day they drove 640 miles and then stopped. But the third day they drove 1020 miles. They got as far as Salina,KS and then drove home the next day. They met Chris' parents at the Blackwell/Ponca City turn off and gave them Chris' truck and drove on to our house that morning. They made it here by 11:30 that morning. Not bad. But everyone is sure tired and it is now Chris and Sarah's anniversary. We told them to go out and we would watch the kids. So they did. (Poor Chris, he has to be tired.) I had the kids sleeping with me and Sarah got to sleep in till 11:00 each morning so she should be pretty rested. So they went out to eat, we watched the kids, and it was a long night. Today we all got up, Scott and Caleb went to my parents and set out another round bale of hay for the horses, we all went to eat lunch and they then left for Enid (Goltry) to stay with his parents. This all started Thurs, 12/27/07 and has been a long five days, but it was great to see the kids, bond with the grandkids, and every one is now home safe and sound.

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