Saturday, December 8, 2007

Memories of Yesterday

Caleb and Grandma
Checking out
Her Ride

Ok, it isn't pretty, but this is what I drove for the last several years of my job at the Enid Police Dept. She was a lot like me. Old, out of style, but yet very dependable. She got me to work and back (on most days!). She would cool me in the summer, and keep me warm in the winter (most days). Sometimes she needed a little babying, and sometimes she just needed a good rest. Sometimes she needed someone to check under her hood to keep the engine running!!!=) And sometimes she needed her battery recharged. Yelp, she was a lot like me. The paint was cracking and chipping, she had sags in places she shouldn't, and definitely had squeaks and groans usually upon start ups. But one thing I can say about this old gal, she was mine. She had all my stuff in the trunk, (or back seat) she got me to lots of places for many years. Others made fun of her, (sometimes me too) yes we were the joke of the town. Sometimes she would quit on me, for she just got tired. But after a good rest and a quick trip to the car hospital she would come back to me revving to go. So after all these years (she is a '93 model) I knew I was getting ready to retire, so I decided we needed to take a couple of pictures with ole Betsy and me. She chased the bad guys, went to schools, pushed people out of the road, served her community well. And then there is the car!!! Some things just need to be put to rest.

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blondie said...

Ole Betsy...remember her well..haha Glad you are enjoying retirement!!! Come see us when you come to your blog..keep it has been a trip..the stories we could tell???? BB...figured it out yet