Saturday, December 8, 2007

An Early Christmas

Christmas Presents Found

Rudy was in our room waiting for Scott to get out of the shower and he was sniffing all the presents on the floor waiting to be wrapped. I had his in a sack and he showed great interest in it. I could not resist, I had to give in and give it to him. He was sooooo excited he started playing right away with it. He loves soccer. He grabs it with his feet, and will put it between his legs so I can not kick it away from him. this is the only time I ever hear him growl in his big boy voice. It can be scary, but his tail is wagging 90 to nothing so you know he is playing and not really mad. If you stop playing he looks up at you with those big brown puppy dog eyes as if to say, why did you stop, aren't you going to play with me any more? You've gotta love him.

Rudy and Callie do NOT play soccer well together. So I had to give Callie one of her gifts early. It was hidden in the bedroom closet with the doors shut. But I could not give Rudy a new toy and not let her have one. She loves anything that squeaks. When this toy squeaks his tongue will stick out at you. She LOVES that. She will push on it with her paw to get the tongue to stick out and then she will grab or try to grab the tongue as it shoots out. It is funny to watch.

I asked Scott to go out and play with the dogs for a couple minutes to wear them out. Bad idea. It took by far more than a couple minutes to wear them out. Rudy played harder than I have seen him play in a long time. He would grab the ball and RUUUUUNNN around the yard. Sometimes Callie would get the ball, but he would go and get it back from her. It is HIS ball and he knows it. Even Zoe got in on the fun. See her running on the left. That makes her remember her puppy days. She is such a good dog.

When the kids get tired, if you are in the recliner they will come crawl up in your lap. Rudy is too big to really lay on you much, but Callie will flop down on your stomach and lay her head up close to yours then go to sleep. Silly kids.
Callie falls asleep while I am trying to wrap presents for Christmas. I had thought about putting a big bow on her head and taking her picture. But I have no doubt she would never sleep through that. Such sweet, sweet kids. I hope when the grand kids come after Christmas everyone gets along just fine.

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