Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fun No More

Fun Turns Tragic

Northeast Oklahoma has been hit by a severe ice storm. When I posted last it just looked pretty, no big deal. Everyone in our family was without electricity but us. So Scott took the generator to my parents, and I went to get my aunt and uncle to stay with us. Soon as we walked in the door, within TWO minutes, our lights went out. By the time I had gotten back from my ten mile drive the trees had started snapping like crazy. This picture shows the tree split completely in half landing on our patio. I feel we will be able to save the patio but the beautiful tree is a complete loss.

This is the picture of our backyard. Tree branches are just falling all over the place. I guess be careful what you ask for....I wanted some firewood.

This is one of the big trees in the front yard. We had just cut a tree down in the front yard last week. Now we have plenty more that will need to be cut down or fixed up. We can save several of the trees, but it will take years to replace them.

One thing I can say. We have been very lucky. Sand Springs has lost trees that are as old as the state. They lined the streets and were just beautiful and BIG. But now they are gone taking lines down with them. We have made the best of things, we have had great company and good food. We had a peanut and honey sandwich by candle light. How cute. We have sat around the fireplace and enjoyed the quiet time with no phone, tv, etc. (well my cell phone did ring a lot) Scott drove to Enid to pick up another generator. We had loaned ours to my parents and did not feel right asking for it back. So Scott got us another one. Ok, the funny part....Soon as Scott hooked up the generator, within five minutes our lights came back on!!!! Oh well. Now my aunt and uncle are going to use it to keep their freezer cold. I just can not believe how lucky we are. My cousin Jill lives right around the corner from us, less than 1/2 mile, does not have her electricity. We have had the blessing of food, laundry service, clean dishes, warm beds etc. We are very blessed.


Eckmama said...

Oh how sad about all those trees! I'm grateful it didn't land on the house (or on a person or dog or car). Glad to hear all are safe and warm. Hope things thaw out soon.
love, Cara

David Lynn said...

Aunt Lisa (and Uncle Scott,)
Am so sorry to hear about (and see) the damage you had from the storm. It looks very much like what we had beginning on Christmas Day back in 2000...hard to believe it's been 7 years.

Sad thing is that while most residential areas will be cleaned up and looking much better in a short while, the untraveled areas, such as woodland lots around you will carry the downed limbs/trees for years to come. At least it provides ground-cover for wildlife.


Eckmama said...

Where'd you go?

Eckmama said...

I remembered! You're on a cruise! Boy, can't wait for the blogs on THAT!!!
love, Cara