Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We Are Fine!

A little Tornado doesn't scare me......much!
We are fine for all of you that have wondered about me here in Oklahoma. We are pretty used to tornadoes and after you have lived here for nearly half a century we have learned that they can come any time of year. I can remember having a tornado in down town Tulsa in December once! These tornadoes did hit Oklahoma City area, (Edmond) and that is very close to my daughter. I have to laugh, you know we just had this work done on her house and the electricians were to get their work done this week so it would have been just my luck for something to happen!!! I was at my parents house yesterday cleaning carpets for them and checking the horses (I still have two) and just spending some time with them. We had eaten at McDonald's (good grief) to support the Ronald McDonald's house by eating those $.49 cent hamburgers. But my mom brings onions, pickles and tomatoes in little Baggies to add to her burger. I get tickled at her, she says I got embarrassed, I don't think so, but I do think it is funny. We did eat there and then went home to "work" and visit. We knew the weather was to get bad in the late afternoon and I had already been saying we needed to be going. When my cell phone rang and after answering it my daughter said, "Mom I just wanted to tell you I love you." I laughed at her and then I could hear in her voice she was very concerned. She said the storm was right on top of her and she did not know if she could get back to work for safety. She could see it, the clouds the lowering, all the signs that a tornado is just right there. (I think we should have tornado spotting classes in high school....seriously!) So she just wanted me to know if something happened, that she did love me. Well that made me feel good AND bad. She was to call me after she got back to work and was safe. She did. But then she called and said she didn't know about her house. The storm was now in the Edmond area and she lives kind of right there on the line of south Edmond and North OKC. So she ran home after work of course and found everything was fine. In fact a friend had gone over and put her dogs in the house to keep them safe and dry. So she is fine.
The other family is in Stillwater and they did not get hit by a tornado, but like all of us, we did have some heavy rains, high winds and some scary times. Sarah said they had to get in the closet once because the storm sirens were going off and she had gone to school to get Caleb just a little early. Thank goodness she did. She did not need to be out driving in that storm and with little Allie too. So after a scary afternoon, they too were ok.
We didn't get much of anything till much later. We finally got some MUCH NEEDED rain, some high winds for a little while, but really we lucked out. But I can't say the same for many people in southern Oklahoma. It seems there were quite a few lives lost and many injuries. Don't know why, or what happened. I heard it was a trailer park and of course those are the worst when it comes to major storms like this. Those poor people. We have heard different accounts far as the numbers goes but it doesn't matter, one life lost is way too many. So keep those families in your thoughts and prayers, and don't worry about me, I am FINE. But thanks for asking!
***By the way, I can't get my playlist to let me log in, so we are stuck listening to the surf until I can figure out what to do. Sorry. But it really is kind of a nice thing to listen to.


Homesteader in Training said...

I was just reading about that and wondering about you! I'm so glad that you all are safe!
I bet you want to come back to Florida huh? LOL. At least until hurricane season!
Big hugs.

AirmanMom said...

Such a relief to know you are safe. Prayers are lifted for the families in need.


Just Joni said...

I was thinking about you and hoping everything was OK. I guess you learn to adapt to whatever nature routinely brings your way...a tornado would scare me, but earthquakes don't bother me too much anymore. Stay safe.

claudia said...

You were the first person I thought of when I heard about the tornadoes in OK. I am happy that you and yours are all okay.
Tornadoes scare me to death! But earthquakes...? Eh...nothing to 'em! And I am sure you wonder how we live in earthquake country, like I wonder about y'all and your tornadoes!

Reddirt Woman said...

Glad you are all okay. We had the storms go to the north of us and to the south of us. We had some small hail for just a few minutes, then some pretty good rain, which we really needed.

I'm of to Texas tomorrow. Going to go visit my brother and birthday sharer.


bernthis said...

the rain has been bad here but thankfully not a tornado. However, the other day it rained so much it came through my so not hermetically sealed windows and flooded my printer which was on the floor. Most expensive rainstorm I've ever experienced

Mental P Mama said...

So glad! That was horrific!

Tonjia said...

thank God you guys are alright! And that goes for your kids and their families too!

I was never afraid of tornadoes when I lived in OK/KS. After suffering the wrath of the earthquakes in southern California, a little tornado was no biggie. LOL

take care Lisa, watch the skies, spring is right around the corner!

Debbie said...

I came just to hear the ocean LOL!

Thank God you all are safe! I'm blog hopping finally and may even do a post later today.

How you live with that tornado threat is beyond me. I'd have to have a hole dug underground that I could crawl into.

You are a nut with all your activity. Will you mail me some enthusiasm and energy?

Again, I LOVE the flat wallet and get compliments all the time!