Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not Been in the Posting Mood

Sorry about that!

I just have not been in the mood to blog. Nothing wrong, just haven't sat down to type on the ole computer. I have noticed everyone is getting into the Face Book scene and where I have been on Face book for a long time, I don't do any of the applications etc.

Has any one done this "Direct Buy" that I keep seeing on TV? You may not have it in your hometown, but we have one in Tulsa. I keep saying I am going to go and check it out just to see what it has to offer. I am sure you will have to buy a membership, but if it really saved me money on home products, it might be worth it! So Tonjia, since you buy all the "as seen on TV products" do you know anything about this?

We basically have my bathroom completed. I bought new doorknobs for all the doors in this house with new hinges. I am changing out all the gold colored stuff to silver. We did do bead board on the wall with chair rail, and then I added crown molding to the top (well where else does crown molding go but the top??? good grief!) We put up a new towel rack, hand towel hanger, toilet paper holder (free standing), white shelf, new shower curtain (went white after trying others) and yellow accents such as rugs, and towels. It looks nice in my opinion. In fact I really like it. I enlarged three of my prints from Florida and found some white frames at the DOLLAR TREE!!! (yes, they only cost me a dollar each!) Now I am going to order a LARGE print of my favorite picture. I am thinking a 16x20 picture to frame and hang up there too. The only other thing I need is a clock, and I will get white wall clock. That should just about do it.

Next project???? Our bedroom. We will remove the popcorn from the ceiling, paint an accent wall, and add crown molding in there as well. We will also replace the ceiling fan which I have already purchased. Oh I also replaced the pulls in the bathroom on all the drawers and then I did the same in the bedroom for the closet doors and they will match the ceiling fan. After I do all this remodel I will change out the flooring if I still have any money or can get some! (legally!)

I also wanted to show you a picture of my roses. Beth sent me some roses and they were so pretty. But they did not include any greenery. So I put them in the vase they sent and enjoyed them. Come Saturday, Scott had gotten me a dozen long stem roses with all kinds of greenery. So why not combine the two!? I did. I thought they were very pretty and I am STILL enjoying them a week later! Thank you Scott and Beth.

Then today I was walking past the back door and saw this creature sitting on the back fence.

I grabbed my little camera and snapped a couple shots. I noticed he (?) was sitting very close to my bird/squirrel/deer feeder. I think he was waiting on one of my corn fed overly fat squirrels to come feed. I opened the door to let the dogs outside and of course the hawk fly off, but to my surprise, there was another one as well. I think there must be a pair and they are nesting near by. Poor squirrels? Then I noticed there are tons of robins coming in to feed. So it must be getting close to spring if the robins are here. I also am feeding over 30 if not 40 dove. Scott and my dad just can not believe how many I have out there. Along with the other birds that I am feeding I just love having the "nature" all around. We are watching a couple deer, I think they are does and I think they are "with child". I bet they are the fawns from last year all grown up. Kind of sad to think last year they were these cute little babies and now.....well they are all grown up...knocked up deer. I put suet out on the bakers rack right out side my computer room window. So right now I look up and there is a huge male Cardinal eating there. I love this place! (just wish it was about 1000 sq feet larger huh Sarah?)

And this is a picture of my big ole fat robins. Aren't they pretty. I have quite a few of them and need to get some more seed out there to keep them coming!

Ok, I guess that is all for now. I got my taxes done and we had to pay in!!! DARN IT! But not too bad. Just cuts in to my remodeling projects. I had the grand kids for four days and loved it. Took the next week to recoup. (just kidding Sarah, any excuse to do nothing!) Had lunch with a good friend and fellow photographer, spent time with my parents and got caught up on my favorite tv shows.....Survivor and Private Practice (and the Cross Over!) PLUS I am hooked on HGTV especially Property Virgin. So now is freezing out side (cold front came through) so I am thinking of putting a fire in the fireplace, and watching movies .....all day long.


Mental P Mama said...

I cannot wait for the robins to come back....we have a lot of mourning dove here as well. See you on FaceBook!

Homesteader in Training said...

We usually get the Robin migration as well. That is a big ol' fat robin man! Your flowers are beautiful by the way. I love flowers!
Hugs my friend.

Marge said...

You're freezing? Think about me! I just left Florida yesterday morning, and am now in Missouri, heading to Iowa and then Minnesota and home. I am cold! Don't let Ernie hear me say that though....I'm always opening windows and turning down the thermostat. Just tonight, here in Misouri, I am cold!

I want to see pictures of your remodel.

Reddirt Woman said...

You've been too busy to post... Thanks for catching us up. I've been having a ball watching all the goldfinches, red-winged blackbirds, cardinals, etc., etc. Very entertaining. I've been helping with an estate sale last week and this week-end and I am whopped out. I did trim up the girls some, and no, we aren't going to shoot SueSue with her mohawk... I just did that in my tired stupidity for fun. She doesn't mind it and it entertains me. I will have her and Chloe both looking spiffy for their formal portraits.

Don't work too hard.

Tonjia said...

I think that fat little robin may be expecting!

have fun with the remodeling, I am so jealous of you guys, If I want the major stuff done I have to hire someone to do it.

I have heard of Direct Buy, there was a warehouse in PA, I do know you can go in as a visitor once I think, go check it out!

I am getting ready to watch "swing vote". I LOVE Kevin Costner

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Gorgeous flowers!

I understand about the slacking off from blogging stuff too. As you know, I do it now and then also.

Facebook is a place where I have yet to even venture onto.

claudia said...

I think I accepted an invite to be a friend to a friend on Face book, but I have never gone there. I am on MySpace, because my son has two things on MySpace and that is how I keep up with him and my grandson and DIL. Face book is just one more place to go. I am comfortable with here and as usual, I want to stay where I am comfrotable.
All teh remodeling makes me jealous. I don't have the time or money. Besides I have to wait to see what else Mother Nature has in store for me...she's rearing up her ungly windy head again tonight...I won't be sleeping much!
I want to see pictures of what you've done, it'll give me ideas.

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Nice pics! Sounds like you have done a lot of remodeling - want to see pics of that!! You just blog whenever you feel like it - we'll be here! :)

Debbie said...

Tonjia caught me off guard mentioning Kevin Costner. I'm in dreamland now....ahhhh.

Wow, the bathroom sounds gorgeous and the idea of adding your photos is perfect since you enjoyed it so much!

My house is a disaster from all my unfinished remodeling ideas. One day...

Good to talk to you again, girl!

Great comment about dogs. I did not go get Faith. I have too much going on...