Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Changes Are Coming

Not A Political Promise Either!

A few years ago Scott and I bought a house in the Oklahoma City area as an investment and so my daughter could live there while going to college. She is still in college....but that is another story.
We bought this cute little house and the people we were buying it from had all these big plans to fix it. Part of the contract...but that too is another story!
We were leaving on an Alaskan cruise and closed on the house before it was finished. We even agreed to let the people live in it for an extra two weeks at NO CHARGE while they finished the remodel. My daughter took possession of the home and the realtor did the walk through accepting things as ok. When we got back home and drove down to see the house I nearly puked! They did not do what they said they would do, and what they did do was HORRIBLE! Yes, I know that I might be a little partial since my husband is ....IS a Carpenter and a really good one. But these people lied, screwed us over big time and I was furious. But I am not one to sue people, I am not one to try and get revenge. But I will tell you every time I go there and see that kitchen, the floor and the cabinets I just get so mad. It ruins my visit with my daughter. I call it the Albatross around my neck. And one thing after another goes wrong, oh I just hope bad karma follows these people for what they did. The tile in the kitchen is so bad they have about an inch between the tiles and the tiles and the threshold has (I am not kidding!) 2 inches of grout. It is just pathetic. A blind man could have done a better job than what these people did to us. The kitchen cabinets are nearly 2 feet from the counter tops. Beth can only reach the bottom shelf in her kitchen. Oh I could go on and on but let me tell you what is going on now.

I decided to have the kitchen re tiled. Beth said she has a friend that would do it probably for nothing and he used to have a tile business before his divorce. I told her to ask him about it, he said he would do it , blah blah blah. I told him I would pay him to tile the kitchen and the bathroom. He said ok, 200 dollars. I jumped right on it. Another friend helped her to pick out the tile, used his discounts from his business and got all the materials they would need. Well it has been three days and this poor man is still trying to get all the tiles up. It has tiles laid upon tiles, upon tiles. I think they said there is either three or four layers of different types of tile plus wood flooring. No wonder there is such a huge difference between the dining room and the kitchen floors. Now we think there is mold on the flooring in the kitchen and that might explain why Beth gets sick all the time. Good grief. Scott is going tomorrow to check it out and see what needs to be done before they start re tiling the floor.

Well you know how one thing leads to ten others??? I decided that since Beth works for an Electrician that maybe they could check her house out and see if things are safe and what it would cost to bring it up to a little better standard. Ever since the big ice storm a year ago her house has not been right. I fear her house will catch fire and she will die in the night. Not a pleasant thing to worry about all the time. And I really do worry about it. Sure enough. Her boss man /owner came over today and told Beth it is a miracle her electricity even works. He said it was not safe at all. (and yes, this house passed inspection when we bought it!!!????) So now he is going to fix it and bring it up to standards and make it safe for her. He is giving us a very good deal, we could never have gotten it done for the price he told Beth so I feel we need to take full advantage of it. Hope that doesn't sound bad, but I am really very appreciative that he is willing to do this. Beth also has a friend that does granite counter tops. So she has talked to him to see if he has any scraps that might work in her kitchen and he said he would look into it.

Next I want to tear all the yellow tile off the bathroom and put bead board up chair rail high. Then she can paint the rest and have Jeff put new tile around the tub. I would like to do the glass blocks to replace the window since it is in the shower and guess what the window sill is made of???? Yes, you got it, wood! good grief! We need to take all the walls down to the studs and put new sheet rock up in the bathroom. I am hoping we can get this stuff done at a very reasonable price and it will increase the value of that little home. It is a really cute house, and if we can do these upgrades it should add value. Then we could have it reappraised and see if we are to the point of where we can drop the PMI (is that right? Principal Mortgage Insurance?). That would save an extra $35.00 a month. My luck, we will start on the bathroom and find out there is a rotten plumbing or something huh? But these things need to get done and then if we HAD to, we could sell the place and hopefully make our money back on it. They say bathrooms and kitchens are the places to get a full refund on your investment. So keep your fingers crossed....then this spring I need a landscaper. Have any ideas?


Mental P Mama said...

I have a headache. Let's go to Florida.

Just Joni said...

Oh my...well, they say you get everything out of a house you put into it. I would have never let those people get by with that...but what's done is done...do what you can yourself to save money, it really is a cute house!

Homesteader in Training said...

That sounds like a lot of picture taking and posting to me my friend LOL. I hate getting taken. I hope you get it all worked out.

Employee No. 3699 said...

Yes, you usually get back more than you invest when you remodel kitchens and bathrooms. These are also the rooms that cost the most to remodel.

We're in the midst of redoing a bathroom. What a mess!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Oh such a lot of work! But once it's all fixed up you'll be so glad and I do think it will help you get your money back out of it.

Tonjia said...

I agree with MPM. LOLOL

You know, real estate used to be a sound investment. The market is flooded here, what is it like in OKC? Statistics were just released here that said that 25% of homeowners here right now are upside down on their mortgages. that is scary.

I think it sounds like your daughter has some great contacts and you are getting some good deals on otherwise expensive work. YAY! I can hardly wait to see pics of the finished product. You are going to take pics, right?

I believe in karma too and I hope the previous crooked owners of the house has a HUGE water leak in their current home. No wait, make that a SEWER leak! LOL

Memaw's memories said...

Sounds like you have your work cut out for you.

Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised and it won't cost as mush as you thought.

claudia said...

Would you please tell all of your daughters contacts that there is a house here in California in great need of their expertise?!?
My house is falling apart. My only real problem? I have no money to speak of to do anything!
Maybe next year...one can only hope.

Jennifer said...

I am sorry to hear about all of your trouble. I hope y'all are able to get things fixed up ok.

However, that is a really cute house! I really like it.

Debbie said...

I was tired. Now I'm exhausted. I agree with MPM...let's go to the beach!

Sounds wonderful, as far as $$$ goes. You are getting some good deals :)

I came to make sure no tornado took you away!! Now I realize this post is dated Feb. 3rd. Oh my...

Hope all is okay!! You're in my thoughts and prayers!