Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Twins are 7 Mo

Remember the Boys?
This is my niece Amanda and her husband Jack...
they are the parents of the adorable twin boys.

I was THRILLED to be able to take pictures of them.
This rocking chair is 25 years old and is like
the chair their mother had.

I think this is Xavier....

And this one is Zachery!

Of course we had to throw in some Christmas

pictures too.

"Who needs Santa when I have GRANDMA"

ummm yes!

These little shoes are extremely special.

They come from the Great grandparents. We had

these for our kids too...any one else ever have them?

I just love the name and date of birth on the soles.

So each boy has his picture with his shoes!

Now we had to do the...

rub a dub dub,

two boys in the tub

and who just might they be?

Xavier John and little Zach a ry !!

(ok spelling not correct, but syllables are what count there!)

And I am not going to go any further with that rhyme!

Jack and Amanda are huge Pittsburg Steeler Fans
And I thought these pictures turned out so cute!!!

This is probably my favorite!

Oh it is so good to have family and to be able to
take their pictures!
Thanks for driving from Norman to let me play with the kids!


Mental P Mama said...

I think that first tub picture needs to go in a contest! Adorable shots as always!

claudia said...

Those boys are so adorable! I love all the expressions on their little faces. So, so cute!

Marge said...

Cute cute cute! They are precious! Great shots as usual!

Memaw's memories said...

Great work with wonderful subjects. They are quite adorable.

Joni said...

I just love your photography. In this series, I like the black and white and the tub shot the did have some awfully cute subjects to work with!

I've been crazy busy with school, student teaching and work. Hopefully this time next year I will have a normal schedule again. I miss me.