Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kaylee and Her Family

Kaylee Brimmer and her fam.
Kaylee and Daniel have let me take pictures
of their precious baby since he has been born.
Now we get to include her mother and brother!!

Kaylee, Daniel and Cade taking a stroll.
More family pictures.

The foliage is just getting so pretty.

Kaylee's mom and her brother,
such a sweet picture.

This guy was so fun. Most teenagers
have "attitude", this guy was
willing to do anything and
never complained.
He even posed with his sister!

And posed with his mom!

They also brought Cades' Halloween costume.
He is a tiger!

He is just such a cute baby, and looks just like
his daddy and his grandpa.

I loved this picture, just look at the colors.
Almost can't see the little critter.

And then one last family picture.

For such a cloudy, overcast, drizzly day
it all turned out great.


claudia said...

These are beautiful pictures!
Cute family, they are have such great smiles.
The foliage is looking great!

Marge said...

Nice pictures as usual. I loved the one of the baby in the tiger suit with mom in front of the trees. Pretty colors of orange. Are you taking many events? Any fall weddings?

Take lots more pictures. They're great!