Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Taylor is 12!!

Taylor is 12
Happy Birthday!

And he came to see me so I could take his picture....
His grandma came too....he loves his grandma.

He also has a really good sense of humor.

Do you know these plants are called Elephant Ears?

And Orange is a good color for him...
He likes OSU
Go Pokes!

His momma Patty is a dear friend of mine from the
Enid Police Dept.

Again, how much fun are they?

(I love this picture, maybe even my favorite)

Patty and Taylor

Truly love each other...

In the years to come these pictures
will mean the world to them.
They already mean the world
to Patty.

And this one......
I just love it too.

Patty's dad passed away about two years ago
in a very tragic accident while working
cattle. But his wife has continued on and is
one tremendous lady. So strong in many ways.
I was very thankful that Patty
was willing to drive two hours
to do these pictures and she talked her
mom into coming at the last minute.
It was a very good day.


Marge said...

The pictures of Taylor and his mom are just great. You did a good job. It sounds like they are pretty special people, grandma too. Love the one with the elephant ears. He's very handsome in the orange shirt, isn't he?

Mental P Mama said...

These are all wonderful...you have your niche all carved out as a family portrait photog;)

claudia said...

Happy Birthday to Taylor!
What a handsome guy he is too! It looks like there is a proud Mom and Grandmom too!

Memaw's memories said...

Great photos. Taylor look like a very happy 12 year old.

Your work just keeps getting better and better.