Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Post Coming.....Later

Maybe This Weekend
Ok, I have had the grandkids, been editing pictures like CRAZY...
oh so that means I have been taking pictures.
Plus we had a 4th of July get together here,
and just tons of stuff going on.
I have not blogged in a while and plan on trying to give an update
this weekend as to what all has been going on. Since
it has been forever, it probably means it will be a long posting.
Oh that's not good.
Thank you for checking on me....I'm still alive and kicking!


The Real Me! said...

Looking forward to your long post! AND pictures.

claudia said...

Can wait to see pictures and a long post!

Reddirt Woman said...

Good. Glad you are enjoying having the grandkids and been busy editing pics. Just checking on you.


Joni said...

Great! Looking forward to your update and pictures!

Anonymous said...

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