Friday, July 3, 2009

Michelle's Florida Family Reunion

OK Everyone.....

This is why I was allowed to go to Florida this summer...and what a trip it was.
Most of you know Michelle.
Well I got to go to Florida to document the
Making of Memories.
These kids all seemingly got along GREAT.
And were all so much fun.

These are the adult/kids
Wes (on the left) and his cousin siblings.

They are NOT in birth order...I messed that up
by wanting a height thing.

Wes, Michelle and Shay.

Brian and his family.

Oh I LOVE this picture...the look she is giving him!

Jennifer and her girls.

Brian and his son...who is one of the neatest young men I have EVER MET.
I think he stole my heart while I was there.

Michelle and Wes were two very gracious host
and made Scott and me feel so welcomed.
Look at this this not hysterical?
I said "I want attitude" you think I got it?
But see how much joy and happiness there is in this family?
I really wonder if they would adopt me?!

The sun was so bright and we even got up early.
But 8:00 in Florida is not quite early enough.
And HOT. Oh man was it HOT.
Heat wave.
Now these two people are awesome. This is
Wes' aunt and her hubby.
Talk about people with humor.
Yes, I loved them too.

I LOVE this picture,
and also this one below.
This was a great couple.
More of the kids.


and more.

we lost the sun so went to the hotel to
take pictures.

This was the night the storm was coming in
and like a thief in the night....
it stole my sunlight away.
They still had fun.

This is Wes and his father.

Wes and his family with his dad.
I LOVED Shay's outfit.

and THIS is the REASON
we were here.

I hope you like the pictures.


Michelle said...

Thank you very much Lisa!! And of course Scott because he did so much to help you. I look forward to seeing the rest of them.

Joni said...

These are terrific! You made everyone look so photogenic. I love the all white shirts and the sand and the water...just everything. Lucky Michelle! These pictures will be treasured for years and years...almost makes me want to have a family reunion...but not quite.

glzagst said...

Lisa and Scott
it was so nice to meet you both. thank you for all your hard work out in that hot sun. We had a good time and love the pictures. Will will treasure them always.

with love and blessing to you both
Gay Lynn

claudia said...

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa...these pictures are fantastic! The family is beautiful, I just love it, thank you for sharing!
And an even bigger thank you for encouraging me to take some time off. My O.D. and I left for Clearlake (my lake) Friday a little after I got home from work. She drove her truck, so I got to watch the scenery go by instead of the idiots on the road. It was hot and fun and I read and visited with my dad, his girlfriend and some of her grand kids (who, by the way are a hilarious bunch of kids!)
We got home today about 2:30, I fell asleep on my couch and then got up and took a shower. I feel renewed! Thanks!

Reddirt Woman said...

Lisa you lucky girl! I love Desitin... It is a special and very beautiful place. I think you did a great job on the photos, but with such a beautiful family it had to make it easier for you. You just keep on improving.



Tami said...

Beautiful pictures. I am sure these will be treasured always

Debbie said...

Anxiously awaiting this post!! You did a fantastic job and had a beautiful family to work with! I know you all had a blast, girl!!

Just wonderful!

The Real Me! said...

Beautiful pictures my friend. I can't believe you were this close and didn't come to take our pictures! LOL. We so need someone to do that for us before our kids are grown and gone! LOL

Joni said...

Tap, tap, tap....anyone in there? Just dropping by for a visit ~