Monday, July 27, 2009

I've Been Taking Pictures!

This is just some of what I have been doing....
Enjoy the next three sets of new clients!!!
Yes, I am TWO....want to make something of it?

This precious little boy is my cousin's
grandson. He looks just like his daddy
but I don't have a picture of Blake.

I laughed at him so much, I put his hat on
backwards and he didn't like that.
So he put it back on himself with that sideways look.
Isn't he just sooo cute?

And he LOVED riding the bike.

But these are some of my favorite pictures!!

I had a shower bonnet for him to wear....
oh no way was THAT going to happen.

This is our laying at out the pool look.

And the little swimsuit model.

I don't know why he did the splits....because he can???

And Tonka Trucks....boys love trucks.

He is just too cute!

Happy 2nd Birthday Dane!
Now on to my second set of pictures:

I took Tyler's family pictures a year or two ago..

Tyler and his dad Todd.

Now I am doing a new family picture.
Coleman Shane Russell
This little guy was not even four weeks old when
the pictures were taken.
Wide awake, holds his head up and full of expressions!

Isn't this such cute family?

He is "thisssssss" big in his daddy's hand.

Coleman's momma making a sweet face at him for fussing !

Coleman's family are OSU fans.

I can still love them for that!

Another new client:
This family are friends that provided me
with my Zoe....and Zoe's puppies.
So they are like family to me.
This little girl is their "adopted" grand-daughter Taylor.
Tabitha, Scott and little Taylor.
She loves her Pa-Pa's whiskers !

Taylor is eight months old.

I actually had another session but her parents
are not comfortable with me posting them at this time.
But trust me she is adorable.
Her parents are from Germany, and listening to her
momma talk to her in German was fascinating to me.
Maybe later I can introduce you to them.
I have been pretty busy!


claudia said...

Great pictures as usual! The kids are adorable!

Mental P Mama said...

Yowza those are some adorable babies! That Dane should model....

Joni said...

You really make those blue eyes stand out! Beautiful pictures...again.

The Real Me! said...

Oh my goodness my friend. Those are wonderful. I've been so slacking on stopping by.
I hope all is well. I see you're still clicking away!!! I still want you to fly out and take our beach pictures! LOL