Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Caught In Houston
Ok, I am sitting at the hotel, this is short and sweet. We are caught in Houston, Tulsa was shut down yesterday, but today we are trying it again. I will post later today or tomorrow to catch up on things. We are FINE and having fun. Met nice people, have rested well, and all is good. Houston had a cold front come through, it is in the 30's here and we have no coat. So hopefully we won 't freeze. You all stay tuned and I will be talking to you in the next few hours hopefully !
Say a quick prayer for us, that our travels are safe, and we get home quickly.


Mental P Mama said...

Safe travels...although you should have stayed in Florida;) It seems to be clearing out.

Marge said...

We have rain here in Panama City today. And it's barely above zero back home, so guess we'll just stay put for a few more weeks!

Hope you arrive home careful. And then get busy and put up some pictures!

Homesteader in Training said...

You know you are welcome to come back and stay with us LOL. I'm sure you wouldn't mind!!!
I hope you make it home safe my friend.

Debbie said...

Be careful! I came here because I've been worried about you and the ice storms in OK. Please let us know when you're home safe!

claudia said...

Safe travels to you!

Just Joni said...

Being stranded could have its ups...but hopefully you'll be on your way soon. I just can't get over the weather reports I keep hearing about while we are enjoying the sunshine and t-shirts in Cali. Thoughts and prayers for a safe journey home, let us know when you get home!