Saturday, January 10, 2009

Now I Feel Better

After suffering a severe hit to my self esteem yesterday. After being
beaten down by some unmentioned people who live in a sunny southern state
(we will leave them and THE state anonymous)
I was in DESPERATE need of some lovin'
And nothing spells lovin' better than this!!!

I was talking to Sarah on the phone as she was trying to find a
safe place to leave her daughter so "she " could run away from home.
AND I could hear Miss Allie causing havoc in the background.
So we put her on the phone and I asked her if she wanted to come see
"grandma" and she just started laughing....I'll take that as a yes!
Pack your diapers girlie, and come to grandma's house.
We still had some Christmas present to deliver because my poor
grandchildren did not get enough this year on Dec 24th or 25th, or 28th.
So after I went to Texas to have Christmas with my son and dil
I brought back the gifts for the kids from their aunt and uncle.
We met at Pizza Hut to eat dinner and exchange these last gifts.

And once again the gifts were a big hit.
There were colors, and coloring books.
There were books on questions of all kinds and Caleb LOVED that.
But the thing I think he loved the most was this weird Rubik cube.
It is actually a flat cube (?) or something like that, it was really neat.
He enjoyed trying to figure it our and so did his daddy!
By the time we got home it was pretty close to bed and bath time.
Allie had already made a bee line to the computer room and to my chair.
I kid you not. That kid know where my computer is and we get
on the webkinz web site and start playing it. These kids are too funny.
But this picture above cracks me up...If you enlarge it, you just might
see that both the kid and the dog have their tongue sticking out.
When I saw that I just started laughing...who is copying who here???
Oh I think it is very clear who rules the roost around here!!!
How can you not love a wet, happy smile like that?
Then Caleb and I read books in bed!
Oh yes, I am feeling much
Florida who?


Homesteader in Training said...

You are so funny my friend. I can see how those wonderful grandkids could divert your attention. I'm thinking maybe we should move to a state where I won't be guilty by association. Hmmmmm I here Oklahoma would be good! :) You know I'm kidding my friend. You are my favorite person in that state!

Memaw's memories said...

Hey--I don't know the self-esteem story, but I can certainly say,sounds like someone needs to leave you alone.

Enjou those beautiful grandchildren.

Mental P Mama said...

You go girl! How could you stay in a funk with them around???

Michelle said...

I need some lovin! Can you send that baby girl down here for a week? The dog is thinking this is a big bowl of water.

AirmanMom said...

grandbabies are THE best cure for just about anything! Such a cutie!!!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Marge said...

At first I was thinking....hey, I'm in Florida. Did I do something to Lisa? Did I say something wrong? And then I got it! At least, I think I got it.... it really wasn't me, right??

Seriously, enjoy all that lovin' from the grandbaby. Nothing better to fix what ails you than a grandbaby on your lap. I'm jealous!

Tonjia said...

those kiddos are just too darn cute!

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