Tuesday, October 14, 2014

South Dakota Vacation

We had a wonderful time in South Dakota for our vacation.
This is the first vacation we have had just the two of us in over 3 years.
One of the best part was actually seeing Mt. Rushmore, this is
something we have wanted to see for years!
Mark it off the bucket list!

One day was spent riding the steam engine train from Hill City
back to Keystone which is where we were staying. hahaha
It was an hour ride to Keystone and an hour ride back to Hill City
with a 15 min potty break in between.  It was a cool experience.
I loved hearing the clacking of the wheels and the toooooting
of the whistle at each road crossing.  Jackson would have loved it.

 The scenery on the train ride was awesome.  I could almost envision myself
there 100+ years ago.  How fun to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

 After the train ride we drove down to Crazy Horse Monument.
Of all the things we did this was probably my least favorite. 
It has taken 77 years to accomplish this small portion alone.
I fear I will never see it finished.  You can see the
horse head "chalked" on the side of the mountain.

 After Crazy Horse, we were just a few miles from Custer State Park.
We decided to go ahead and drive through but it was getting late,
not the best of choices we made.  It took us THREE HOURS to get out of that park.
But I wanted to see a Buffalo "Bison" and I DID....with in feet of my car.
They had just had the big annual Buffalo Round Up so getting
to see any at all made me a happy camper!

 On another day we drove up through Deadwood and then on
to Spearfish Canyon Scenic Drive.  It was a very pretty
drive and a different type of trees.  I loved it.

 I loved watching the clouds come rolling in over the mountains. 

 This was Bridal Veil Waterfall....just brought back memories
for me when I visited friend in Georgia back in May. 
They also had a "Bridal Veil" fall.  ahhhhh

 As we were driving back to the lodge from Spearfish,
we saw a National Cemetery.  WHO KNEW!??
In the middle of NO WHERE is a beautiful
National Cemetery!
I met a lady there, wish I had gotten her name,
But she told me her mom and dad are both
buried there.  AND her son......I was in
tears as she told me that her son had served in two
"wars" ( I'm guessing tours) and then while in
Washington State visiting his brother who was also
in the Navy, was hit and killed by a drunk driver.
He was only 31 years old.  She and her husband
had just hours before, closed on a house in Spearfish
so she could be close to her son and family.  Her
surviving son and his family had just moved back also.
What a touching story.....
The sacrifices people make, and their families!

 The last day we headed home via the Bad Lands.
Oh my goodness....NOTHING like where
we had just come from.

 I was amazed at the stripes in the mountains.

 Of course there were Prairie Dogs.
Even though they are cute, they are HORRIBLE
to have in pastures.

 There was a group (?) of antelope which I thought was cool.

 More STRIPES! hahaha I don't know what they are
really called, but it fascinates me.

On our way to South Dakota, we stopped and stayed
with a very dear friend of mine.  I have known Linda and Gary
for at least 35 years.  They have a beautiful home in
Nebraska and I enjoyed seeing all of Gary's handiwork.

Gary has always loved birds and he had pens of doves
and pens of quail.  We watched the hawk trying desperately
to get into the pen.  He wanted a little snack of love doves.

I cant say how wonderful and happy  we were to spend a couple days with old friends.
Scott had so much in common with Gary and they talked as much as Linda and I.
We also had dinner with one of her sons, wife and three children.
The beginning of our trip could not have been more perfect.
After leaving their house on Monday we headed North to Hot Springs, SD.
 This is the visitors office of the Wild Horse Sanctuary
where we took a tour of the 13,000 acres.
I love horses you know!

 One of the little ones for sale.

 The view from one of the ledges.  Oh I could so easily live in South Dakota.

 This is the private herd of Quarter Horses the owner has.
He does sell them.

 This is one of the branded Mustangs.

 Some of the paints.

We had so much fun.  We also visited places called Reptile Gardens (loved it!) and we also went through Bear Country USA and it too was one of my favorites. I didn't post pictures just because I have tons of them.  I would love to go back, take Jackson with us or even just go and get a cabin.  I was so relaxed, so happy to enjoy the cool weather, and it was just a wonderful trip.


Marge said...

Thanks for the pictures and story of your trip. Our awesome God sure created a beautiful world for us to enjoy! We love the Hills, too, and are talking of taking another trip out there soon. Did you do Needles Highway?

Glad you had a good trip!

Lisa said...

Marge, I don't remember if we took Needles Highway or not. For some reason I don't think so, but it sounds so familiar. hahaha you would think I would know! Scott and I both loved it there and would love to go again already. However there is more too see in other places! It was a great trip.

Paxie said...

Wow. Just wow. That is part of the country I've never visited and always wanted to get there. Oh, Lisa, what a wonderful trip. I can hear the happiness in your voice.

Everything was amazing to see I'm sure!! Such beautiful country! Thank you for sharing...at least I got to see!! xoxoxo

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