Friday, November 4, 2011

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Ok, lets see...three months ago I posted right after we lost our precious Callie.  It was a rather depressing post so I will try to have this one much lighter.  And really I am doing much better, it has taken time, but I am going to be ok.  Can not believe the loss of a dog can hit one so hard, but let me tell you, it did.  I am still where I cry at certain times for no reason, but the times are getting fewer and farther in between. 

We have gotten another dog, not because I wanted one, but our poor Rudy was as depressed and I was.  He would not get off the sofa to even greet me at the door.  Completely out of his character.  So we found a 14 month old female (on Craigs list) and after looking at her Scott fell in love right away.  I did not.  But we took her home (hour and ahalf drive).  I did not like her, I cried ALL the time, and I wanted to send her back. Just way too soon.  Rudy did not like her either.  He was nice, and he put up with her, but he did not want to play.  All she wanted to do WAS play.  For a boxer, she is very calm, oh my goodness, could not believe that. And she is VERY loving.  She reminded me a lot of Callie.  Loving, kind, always wanting to touch you.  It was just more than I could take.  I took her to the vet to ensure she was healthy and after about $150.00 bill she was good to go. The owners had said she was up to date on her shots... she wasn't.  But she is now!  So after a battle with the previous owners and the not being truthful with me, we decided to keep her.  And I fell in love.  Abby is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met.  Boxers are wonderful dogs, great with family, loving, funny, guard dogs, and the list goes on.  Abby is just wonderful.  Callie was very dominate.  Abby is not.  She is not a big barker, and she just loves everyone.  I do not fear one bit, not for one second that she will bite anyone.  Of course any dog can bite.  But I have no fears.  I trust her, I test her, I work with her, and she is just the most loving thing in the world.  I have to tell you, I truly believe God and Callie sent her to me.  They knew I needed her.  And even though I am still very sad and miss Callie, my days and nights are more bearable with Abby and Rudy in my life.  She is so smart, knows tricks and minds so well.  She is the best combination of my Callie and Zoe in personality, not looks, but that's ok.   She is not nearly as pretty as Callie and Zoe were, but she makes up for it in Love....

We are about two weeks away from getting our little Jackson here too.  Beth is doing good.  She and Matt moved into an apartment with it being a disaster.  It smells sooooo badly. Tweakers live above her she thinks for they do weird things at weird times of day and night.  So they probably are meth users.  So they were able to get out of their lease.  We are still waiting on the word about buying the house next door.  We have a contract on it, but issues have developed. I still think we will come to an agreement on the house and will purchase it, but probably not before the baby gets here.  So I guess we will be having house guests for a few weeks.  I remember doing the same thing with my in laws years ago.  It was a much bigger house than what we have, but I remember we made it work and it was fine.  So I am confident we can make it here as well.  Ideal?  No way.  But for a short time we can do it.  Maybe they can save a few bucks, and I will help with the baby and Jordynn and it will give us time to work on fixing the house up before it becomes occupied.   I am so in love with the idea of owning five acres and two homes and Scott and I fixing it up.  I am good at remodeling homes, and Scott is good at doing my dreams for me.  So I have high hopes for this new goal for us.  It will be an investment for our future and that is the most exciting part of it all. 

My son and dil will be here for Christmas...can't believe that. Two years in a row?!  Wow.  Scott and TJ went deer hunting a couple weeks ago and was successful.  Yeah for them.  (said with sarcasm!) But they were happy. Scott is taking on a new job, still driving and delivering trucks, but with a different company.  The one now has a very hateful, vindictive mean spirited woman that makes his life too stressful for being retired.  So good by ugly lady.  This new company does not pay as well, but very close.  But the less stress is more important.  Me?  well I am still taking pictures here and there, still loving life beyond measure and can't wait for the baby to arrive. My life is calming down from the past year or so.  My step daughter is still seeing her boyfriend and it is much easier for her since her husband is gone out to sea. We have not seen our grand kids since the end of July, she is punishing us but the real punishment is Caleb and Allie don't have us in their lives.  But I have come to grips with it, she is being mean, hateful and unloving, but that is her decision not mine.  We have asked and asked for the kids but there is some reason why they can never come here.  We can't even talk to them. Oh well, she will answer for it some day.  She thinks I don't know what she is doing, but she forgets what I did for a living and how I find out things.  I have pictures and more information of her with the other family,and at some point in time it will benefit me.  But she will have to come to realize what she is doing and decide to change or she won't and things will continue.  It is her decision not mine.  Oh well.  Scott does not want to confront her with it, and I have come to realize that is HIS decision.  I will live my life as I know I should and that is all I can do.  So there it is girls.  My life is doing ok, and I hope and trust yours is too....Miss you girls and maybe I will get back to blogging more when I have PICTURES to post of a precious new little one. 

Love to you all,


Marge said...

Imagine my surprise when I turned on the computer and saw you had posted! I have missed you! Please keep it up.....

Of course you were lost Zoe and Callie within a short period of time. You had a lot of other things going on, still do, and all of that together is depressing. But you can rise above it! A new baby will help so much!

Guess it's time for a long email as the comment section isn't big enough!

Love ya girl!

claudia said...

Hey! Girlfriend! Good to hear from you! It sounds as though things are so much better for you. Happy to hear about the new dog in your life. It's hard to lose our furbabies, but letting a new one into your life is good for healing the wounds.
Can't wait for the baby announcement and pictures. They are sure to be beautiful!

Paxie said...

It's been about 5 years since I had to put my Maggie down. I've been thinking of getting another dog, but frankly, I don't know if I can handle anymore losses of any kind!

You sound happy and I am SO glad :)

Monday is the big day and I'm thrilled for all of you. It will be great having Jackson close especially at the beginning.

I'm still trying to figure out what "Tweakers" are LOL

Love you!