Saturday, June 26, 2010

Grand kid visit

First time in a LONG time.

Well I am blessed to have the grand kids again. We have been so busy in the past few months with the kitchen remodel, and then of course dealing with Zoe's sickness and of course her passing, that we have not had the kids for several months. I don't think we have had them since about March. I know I did not see them for my birthday in May nor for Mothers Day. Here it is the end of June so getting to see them is nice.

We went to see a movie yesterday, Toy Story 3. I had been warned that it was sad and a tissue would be needed. I had time believing that, but yes, it is true. I think it would only be a tissue alert for those of us that have children moving on, whether it is for college or just moving out to move on with life. For Andy goes off to college and must decide what to do with Woody, Buzz and the gang. What an adventure they have. I think it is truly nice when a movie for children can have such an in depth plot and story line to it. So if you are up for a cute movie I can recommend it but will tell you to take a tissue or get an extra napkin with your popcorn for the ending!

Caleb has asked us to find him a friend for when he comes here to visit us. I thought that was cute and honestly I have been trying to find someone around our neighborhood with a boy about 8 or 9 years old. No luck. But since we have gotten involved with church we have found a family that we really like and guess what??? They have a boy that is 8 1/2 !!! Caleb turns 9 the end of July so this is perfect. Yesterday was Joe's Half Birthday...He is born on Christmas Day. So his parents do a half birthday for him and I think that is AWESOME. I would feel cheated if my birthday were to fall on Christmas day. I have a hard enough time with my birthday being within 10 days or so of Mothers Day. Seems I get that combined gift instead of two separate ones...what a rip off. (I am just kidding kind of!) I just like to be acknowledged for both and the significance of them both. So we took Joe with us to the movie and he thought that was pretty special.
Update to this posting: Today is now Wed. 6-30-10...
The kids went home today. Boy it is just so hard on me to have them both at the same time. Allie is so cute, talking more and more. but still so hard to understand and life is so complicated when you can't communicate properly. Do I hear an Amen on that?
Caleb is growing up so much. He loves to sing our children church songs and I love it to. I can sing loud and out of tune and who cares? He never complains. The problem with having the both at the same time? One goes to bed early and one goes late, one gets up early and one gets up late.....And me??? I go to bed late and have to get up early. I can do that for a little while but after that I start getting really really tired.
Today I had a meeting with some ladies from church and I am being given the opportunity to speak on personal safety at church. We will have our program and then do a salad dinner. I am sooo excited that I can't hardly stand it. I have not spoke in front of a crowd since I retired three years ago. I am so looking forward to getting back into the saddle again. I will get to do an one hour program then we will go and eat!!! My two favorite things to do! Talk and eat!
Ok, that is my goin' ons here! Enjoyed the kids, getting ready for dear dear friends to arrive with their family of six. They are spending the weekend WITH ME!!! I have not seen them in FIVE years and I plan to spoil the kids ROTTEN. We will have so much fun. Cara is a photographer like me, well she does a lot more work and is better at it than I am, but I can at least say "like me" and hopefully not offend her! Her momma and I were dear dear friends, they have one of my puppy dogs (Zoe's babies, Rudy and Callie's Sister) and I have loved watching Cara grow up, marry and have her own babies. I have bought my fireworks, toys and fun things to do while they are here, and now I need to finish my grocery shopping. Then of course I have to clean the house for it is a MESS after having grand kids, and remodeling the kitchen. I still don't have things put all back together, and the kitchen still is NOT finish. I am determined we will not worry about it now. They will be here Friday. Then later this month my other dear friends from GA will be here for a few days. (ha ha ha, I first typed weeks and had to go back and change it!!! But I would love for them to be here for weeks....I am trying to talk them into buying the house next door. This is going to be a busy month too I think. But I am finding....THAT IS LIFE! Enjoy it to the end.


claudia said...

Busy Busy at your place, but you sound so upbeat! Good for you!
Update on Atreyu...he is back to his normal ADD behavior (I'm hoping he will calm down in another week or two when there is no testosteron going on)
AND BIG GOOD NEWS..."that" daughter has moved to New Mexico with her dad! Can I hear an AMEN!?!

Marge said...

I've had such sporadic connections that I'm way behind on blog reading and writing! Just a quick not to tell you I'm glad you had the was time, wasn't it! Hope you have a great fourth. It's hot and humid and storms coming tomorrow and the fourth. Bummer! Talk to you later.

Love ya,

Joni said...

My the end of summer you are going to be wore out! I think it's wonderful that you have so much going on so long as it remains enjoyable and not work to entertain others. Looking forward to hearing how the safety meeting went at church - maybe you should do a blog version so we get the benefit of all that information too!

I'm glad we are both connected on FB too, although I am hoping to get back in the blog-swing-of-things. I've just been so busy and now that things have slowed down I'm not in that early morning blogging routine yet...soon though!