Friday, February 5, 2010

Little Cade at Nine Months!

Little Cade wants to wish every one a happy Valentine's Day !!!

This handsome fellow is my cousin...I sure do think he is cute and he looks JUST like his daddy, sorry Kaylee. I have been taking his picture since he was born and it is so much fun. This was the best time with him yet. He is growing into so much personality and he was in a very good mood for nearly an hour! And when he was done...he was done. (honestly, so was I, I was tired! He wore me out!)

This jersey was worn by Cade's daddy who now coaches high school basketball in the same school he graduated from. I think that is pretty special.

Goodness Teresa, doesn't he look just like a little Daniel?

Kaylee always has such cute ideas to try, and this is exactly what she wanted!
This is my all time favorite of him!
He is just sooo handsome!

Cade and his favorite toy. Long as he had his toy....he was happy.

I had to get some tub shots....couldn't resist!

And he didn't seem to mind.

Long as he was standing outside the tub!
He would NOT sit down on this rug at all.

No, THIS has to be my favorite picture, look at that look on his face.
Priceless to me!

He was chewing on the horse and just as he let go
I got this picture....kind of funny in my opinion.
This kid LOVES his mommy...thank goodness the feeling is mutual!!


Marge said... cute is he! I love the one where he is standing naked by the tub. I loved cuddling with the kids after bath time.

The sun is out again today.....two days in a row.....a record! Sure would be nice if it kept up! I keep watching the middle of the country and see that you are still having winter. I'm staying down here for awhile yet. Probably around March we'll start home, with a stop at your place!

claudia said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting more of your pictures! I was missing your photography stuff.
Cade is the most handsome little guy. Love the pictures!

Mental P Mama said...

Fantastic! i love all the tub ones...especially the standing naked one! Priceless!