Friday, February 26, 2010

Best Birthday Present Ever~

And It Wasn't Even MY Birthday!
Yesterday Scott and I had one of the nicest gifts ever. We had the opportunity to meet in PERSON one of my dear blogger friends. What a wonderful experience it was indeed. For a little over two years I have been blogging and hooked up with this person from up north. Found much in common, and much I,admire, and respect. So when I had the opportunity to meet her in person I was thrilled. But it didn't happen. We were going to meet up in Oklahoma City while they were on their way south to Texas but the weather was bad, and the cards just did not fall into place. For the next two months I just did the same ole thing, kept up with her via her blog and her beautiful pictures. Then we talked again and started making plans once again, scheming, emailing, conniving, and low and behold......they found their way north OUT of Texas and pulled their awesome big ole trailer into my driveway and were guest in my home. I got to meet ROAD SAGE.
Marge and Ernie were very tired from their driving so after all the hugs in the cold driveway, and telling the dogs to hush up so I could hear us talk, and smiles a mile long, we wandered into the living room to rest, and TALK. And talk we did. Marge....she just melted my heart. And Ernie reminds me sooo much of Scott. He is very quiet and let Marge and me chatter up a storm. Scott and him finally got to talk a bit and it was just so fun. After a couple hours I figured I needed to get dinner started and be a good hostess, not good to starve your guest. But I just wanted to savor every moment, I just did not want the time to pass, I willed it, I wished it, I demanded that time hold still for just a bit. I cherished my time. Marge and I fixed Tacos and kept the meal simple, I am glad for that, I am a very simple cook, but I feared they would not get enough to eat. So we ate tacos and tacos and more tacos with peach sherbet for dessert later. And we talked some more!
I so badly wished they could have stayed longer....I would love for us to have had two, three days, even a week. But not this trip. It is so fun to make new friends, and then to meet them in real life, to connect to this person for real, what a feeling. Let me see if I can share that feeling with you....Marge has beautiful white hair. (is that ok Marge to call it white?) She has a hug that makes you just melt into her arms and feel the warmth and love that one human being has for a family member. She does talk kind of funny, but I got used to the "accent" pretty quickly and could not get enough of her eyes that just seemed to smile all the time. Ernie...well he looked like he could be a little bit mischief. I think he could be one to watch out for. He too just has a look of happiness, and contentedness that is also very warming. Don't believe me??? Well let me tell you dogs never jumped up on these people, did NOT bark at Ernie when he came in the house this morning after going outside to walk and look around. The dogs settled down with our new guest as if they had been friends for years. And I believe dogs know more about people and their souls than we do. I believe dogs can read people 100 times better than us humans...and my dogs told me these were wonderful, calm, easy going, loving people....and they were right!!!!
It was Scott's birthday, I didn't tell them for I truly feared they would not come to our home or stay the night with us. I know that Marge would NEVER want to intrude or put us out. I was so honored to have her and Ernie in our home. Scott and I both feel we have truly met new friends, new friends for life. What a gift to receive on your birthday. What a gift indeed. Thanks Marge and Ernie for making a difference in our lives.
p.s. And Marge made me my very own purse....and it is gorgeous !!!! Maybe it WAS my birthday after all...
p.s.s. We both agreed in pictures of us for the blog...sorry girls.


Mental P Mama said...

Birthdays can come whenever you want them to...what fun!

Marge said...

Such flattering words you have for us! I don't think we deserve such lovely words! We thank you for the invitation to stay with you! And just so you pegged Ernie right when you mentioned the mischief part!

Love you dear friend!

Memaw's memories said...

I didn't know to whom she was referring, but Marge had wonderful things to say about her visit with you on her blog as well.

Now I'm jealous since I'd love to meet you both.