Sunday, August 23, 2009

Carla's Family

Carla and Jason
Sawyer and Parker

Carla is BEAUTIFUL....
can not wait to see what this baby is
going to look like.
But look at her brothers, they are adorable
so you know she is going to be gorgeous.

I asked " Is the baby talking?"
Sawyer said I heard something...
"gurgle gurgle gurgle" (noises he made)
I busted up laughing....sorry
cause I think he was really serious!
Too cute. Look at his face, he is listening
so intensely.

Daddy playing with a doll....more of that to come Jason!

I felt her momma.

Alexis is due in about three weeks !!!!
Carla's three favorite men.

Sawyer is going to be a big help to momma.

This is Parker...he is sooo cute.

Whatever his big brother did...HE did it to.

Congratulations to this family.

Hope they had fun like I did.

Carla, you have 138 pictures to choose from!!!!


Only The Good Stuff said...

So precious!!!

Reddirt Woman said...

Wow. What a beautiful family. Are the boys ready for a sister? That little girl is going to be a little beauty. We will look forward to maybe seeing pictures of her after she gets here.

Thank the family for letting you share with us.


claudia said...

What a beautiful family! Can't wait to hear when Alexis arrives, she's going to be a beautiful baby!

Marge said...

Another great job of photographing a family. Of course it doesn't hurt that the family is so good looking, right? Nice photos.