Friday, June 12, 2009

Where Have I Been You Ask???

Just been Busy!!!

But this is what all I did yesterday.....I did 3 photo shoots and I have samples of my work.
It was a long but wonderfully fun filled day. I am treating myself to El Chico's today too for it!

I love this pictures of Shae

Now if this doesn't speak volumes.....I laugh out loud when I see this "attitude" picture.

Shae's sister Sarah was there with her too. Mom has just had surgery on her shoulder and the extra help was really nice and appreciated.

This probably one of my favorites of Shae. I can't believe it has been a year since this little one came into the world. She is just so sweet. She never fussed at me all during this crazy photo shoot. She was just such a sport for doing what ever we asked of her.

This little dress that Shae is wearing was worn by her sister 24 years ago. Sarah is now 25 and wore this for her first birthday is I understood the story correctly. I can't believe Dawne kept it all these years and kept it in such nice condition. I think stuff like that is extra special and I might have a couple thing saved back of my own daughter !!!!

These were just of the special affects I was playing around with.

Then We Moved On To The Next Photo shoot

Do you remember this picture?
This is Sadie at 3 months.

She is just sooo cute....

And now she is six months old!!!!

And she still is not crazy about that stupid bow on her head!!!

Isn't she just gorgeous????

If I didn't have my boxers......

Photo shoot #3

This is Jill B and I have known her since high school. She is a nurse at one of our major hospitals and far as I know she just loves it. She has two old...excuse me ...matured dogs and wanted to photograph them before something happens. I so understand what she is saying and even though I have had a really long ended on such a happy note. Maggie and Ellie were two sweet ole girls and even though I am not posting a lot of pictures, we really did have a successful night. I am now tired and ready to go to bed....It is 1:30 a.m. !!! Sorry Jill

This blanket was made for Ellie by Jill's mother who has passed away. Helen was a very sweet lady and I know she made this blanket with lots of love for her daughter and grand daughter dog!


Michelle said...

We are getting excited. What information do I owe you before the trip next week? I feel so out of touch.

Mental P Mama said...

I love, love, love your baby work! And now, I have to add the dog series as well! Awesome;)

claudia said...

Shae is so cute and I can't believe that she is a year old already! Seems like we just met her yesterday!
Sadie has turned into a gorgeous dog! I love her coloring!
Cute pictures of your frind and her furbabies! Love the quilt!